Columbia Robotics Lab – Mobile Manipulator Project: Progress Report 4

Two weeks ago, one of the agencies of the Netherlands-based robotics company Exact Dynamics, the New Jersey-based Assistive Innovations, visited the lab to show us their iARM. It was great to talk to them about designing assistive robotic arms and to see the iARM in action, especially as we continue designing and building our own robotic arm. This past week I’ve helped finalize designs on our arm’s wrist and elbow and ordered parts for the wrist — we plan to start construction of the wrist next week, and eventually hope to attach a separate robotic hand project at the lab to this wrist.

I’ve also worked on researching potential bases for our robotic arm/mobile manipulator. I hope to purchase a base by the end of the summer. One interesting base was the quad-Roomba, which combines four iRobot Roombas into one (also see below).  Ultimately I don’t think we should use the quad-Roomba due to low payload and difficulty in steering, but it’s a funky idea worth mentioning.

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