The world needs MoMath

The Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) just opened up in NYC,  a creative project in math and science very much related to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards‘ latest award, “The Future New.” New Scientist‘s Lisa Grossman covers it here. An excerpt from the article below:

The MoMath team has big hopes for a broader impact. It’s widely acknowledged that children in the US are falling behind in the subject. A member of the US National Security Agency, which employs more mathematicians than any other organisation in the country but only hires US citizens, once told Lawrence that in his view, the biggest threat to national security is the lack of US-born mathematicians. But politicians and teachers rarely agree on the best way to address the shortage.

Lawrence has no doubts: the problem is in rote learning in school. “It’s like teaching kids to read music, and never even telling them that instruments exist,” she says. “You don’t fix that by more testing. You do it with a cultural institution that can change the norms and perceptions about math – we want to be that place.”



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