“Jedi Night” (Best Teen Writing of 2011 / Skin Deep’s “Imagining 2043”)

Read “Jedi Night” for free at Skin Deep, or purchase Skin Deep‘s “Imagining 2043.”

Credits: Arieh Frosh, Skin Deep.

“Jedi Night” is a piece of fiction in my National Gold Medal-Awarded Portfolio from the 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, a small collection of short stories and memoirs (gallery available here).

Winner of two National Gold Medals in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for Short Story and Best-In-Grade (12th).

Excerpt performed by Reg E. Cathey (The Wire, House of Cards) at the 2011 Scholastic Awards Gala in the World Financial Center.

Published in The Best Teen Writing of 2011 —  purchase the book on Amazon (pg. 35) or download the text of “Jedi Night” as a PDF.

A later version was republished in Skin Deep‘s “Imagining 2043.”

Skin Deep interviewed me about “Jedi Night,” “Forty-two Reasons,” and Technologies of the Self.



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