Works in Progress

“Commercial Space Mining and the Authority to Confer Property Rights in Outer Space: The SPACE Act under the Outer Space Treaty and the Offenses Clause,” J.D. research, Columbia Law School (Supervisor: Lori Damrosch)

“Space Crystals and ‘Our Window on the World’: Economic development, imagination, and humanity in the orbital heterotopia of the International Space Station,” M.Phil. Dissertation, University of Cambridge (Supervisor: Richard Staley)

“God, Secularism, and Terminology in the Letters between al-Bīrūnī and Ibn Sīnā: A case in the historiography and history of ‘Islamic science,’ ” M.Phil. research, University of Cambridge (Supervisors: Liba Taub and Tony Street) / Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies Graduate Student Conf. (Columbia University, Feb. 2017)

“How the Rest Became the West in the Mars One Fatwa Controversy: Spaceflight, globalism, risk to life, and strategic occidentalism in the UAE,” M.Phil. research, University of Cambridge (Supervisor: Mary Brazelton)