A Piece of Science History: Isaac Asimov’s “Visions of the Future”

Exclusive this weekend, Isaac Asimov’s Visions of the Future. Re-blogging from io9 — this is a piece of science history, a glimpse of the cutting of science two decades ago which is fascinating to watch in retrospect today. Watch it while it’s still up for the weekend. Dr. Asimov and his sideburns rule all.

Two years before his death, legendary science and science fiction writer Isaac Asimov kicked off a TV pilot dedicated to exploring the faint and ever-shifting boundary separating science from science fiction. By highlighting advances in science and technology, Asimov sought to prepare viewers for the world of tomorrow by providing them with glimpses of what the future might hold.

The series never got picked up, but when Asimov died in 1992, the pilot was adapted into a 40-minute documentary titled Visions of the Future. Featured here is the documentary in its entirety.

“That’s one of the great excitements of science: that always there is the unexpected, always there is something that no one thought of that completely revolutionizes our thoughts in this direction or that. It’s a kind of excitement that keeps scientists going, I assure you, and if the population generally can be made to share it — how much pleasure they will have.”

— Isaac Asimov

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